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How It Works
Earning Points is Easy
Collect points by purchasing packs, all of which will come with a twelve-digit code that generates points when entered online. Points can also be earned by redeeming coupons, engaging with the brand online or by participating in surveys, among other methods.
Get up to 6,000 points each month just by redeeming pack codes.
*These cigarettes do not present a reduced risk of harm compared to other cigarettes.
redeeming is easy
Popular Rewards This Month
Shop Rewards
KastKing® Sunglasses
15,000 PTS
Leatherman Multi-Tool
20,000 PTS
Igloo® Cooler
75,000 PTS
From kickass gear to big savings on smokes, we've got it all. If you've racked up points, you're in the right place to trade 'em in.


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