Pierre, SD

An Outdoorsman's Paradise

South Dakota is a wonderland when it comes to hunting and fishing, even when the weather changes.

Spear Fishing & Pheasants Galore

The rolling hills of central South Dakota hold a lot of game, from pheasants in the standing crop fields to the fish-rich reservoirs of the Missouri River. If you love hunting and fishing, you won't find a better place to enjoy the outdoors year-round.

We found some local guides to show us the ropes, and they did not disappoint. Located on their family's 100 year ranch, the Steffen Brothers Lodge specializes in two things: pheasant hunting & spear fishing. Upland bird hunting is a sport enjoyed across this great nation, but, on the other hand, spearfishing through the ice is a uniquely mid-western pursuit that is as challenging as it is rewarding.

Winston teamed up with active service member Mike Herne to get some meat for the freezer and memories for a lifetime.

Why Use a Guide?

Hunting or fishing a new area can be intimidating; finding a local guide gives you the confidence to focus on the pursuit without all the stress.





Many guide services offer on-site lodging which means you can get to hunting or fishing faster.


Having the right gear for what you're after is crucial. If they don't already supply it, a guide can point you in the right direction to find what you need.

Local Knowledge

This is the most important piece, instead of pouring over maps and driving around aimlessly. A guide will put you in the right place at the right time for you to be successful.


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