The Texas 450 Loop

Overlanding East Texas

When you have a rig built for adventure, the road doesn't end, only pavement does.

Everything is Bigger in Texas

That means when it comes to exploring the Gulf Coastal Plains of east Texas there is plenty to do.  The 450 loop offers everything from gravel to mud, trees to grasslands and more lakes and creeks than you can shake a stick at.

This trail system takes you through the Davy Crocket National Forest, Angelina National Forest and the Sabine National Forest, each of which have off-grid camping for those nights under the stars.

We packed up a custom build overland rig and hit the road for a few days of off-roading, fishing, hunting, camping, and above all, good times.

"The best thing about overlanding is the only thing you leave behind is tire tracks."

See What East Texas Has to Offer.

Three days and a whole lot of miles make for one hell of a lot of adventure.  Check it out.

Episode 1

Getting Out There

Episode 2

Taking It All In

Episode 3

A Lone Star State of Mind

Mods Made for Adventure

We started with a 2021 Toyota TRD Tacoma and ran wild with it!

2-Inch Lift Kit

For the suspension to tackle any terrain

33-Inch BFG All-Terrain Tires

To take you anywhere you need to go

2-Person Roof Top Tent

To keep the adventure going for days

270-Degree Awning

For both staying dry and out of the sun

Power Bank with Solar Panels

So you can stay connected even with you're off the grid

Kitchen & Storage

Including a refrigerator to keep you fueled up in the back country

Gear Up

If you're looking to hit the road and explore the America we love, find all the necessary tools to get you there in our Rewards store.  Think we are missing something? Tell us on Facebook.

KastKing® Sunglasses
Rechargeable 2-Way Radio
ExoDry Bag

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