They don’t make ’em like they used to.

But we do.

Still just tobacco & water*

In our tobacco ingredients.

*These cigarettes do not present a reduced risk of harm compared to other cigarettes.

When it comes to crafting a cigarette that stands the test of time, it takes a few of the best ingredients, a lot of pride and a respect for doing it right. It’s simple, really. But if keeping things simple was easy, everyone would do it like us.

We make our smokes with only the finest hand-selected tobacco on earth and the crystal clear waters of North Carolina. No gimmicks. Because we give a damn about how your cigarettes taste.

You don’t get the richest, smoothest smoke from just any old crop. Only 30% of the world’s best tobacco is good enough to make it into a Winston cigarette.

“Time is what gives our tobacco its signature smoothness”

-Winston master tobacco blender

Good flavor doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time. The proof is in our leaves – aged to perfection by Master Blenders who’ve poured decades of dedication into the art of blending and aging the most delicious tobacco.

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Other than the weathered hands of hard-workin’ folks, the only thing that touches our tobacco is water that’s as pure as can be. When an ingredient this good happens to flow through your neck of the woods, you don’t mess with it.

We make damn good cigarettes. Always have. For 67 years, we’ve earned our stars and stripes giving our all to our craft. Doing it our way. The only way. The American way. And this is our promise to always keep it that way.

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