Outer Banks, N.C.

Deep Sea Fishing Adventure

Forty miles offshore, you'll find some of the best fishing in the world - if you're lucky.

Living On the Edge

The Outer Banks (OBX) line the North Carolina coast, a string of sandy barrier islands that protect the coast and also happen to make for some unforgettable fishing.

Everything moves with the current—the sand, the water temperature, the lines you run up a channel. Making it one hell of an adventure to navigate from one trip to the next. But when you find that edge—that place where the water’s calmer, the temp’s just right—the wildlife really comes to life. That’s what everyone with a rod and reel in hand dreams of. And you can find it without having to go more than 40 miles offshore in the OBX.

But just because you find it, doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed a catch. That still takes time, patience and the will to keep on reeling in a big fish that’s determined to make its grand getaway. Keep your eye on the prize, though, and you might just have one of the many big fish of OBX on your hands—and the dinner menu.

The OBX Big Three

While the catch of the day varies by season, fishing method and, let's be honest, everything down to the way the wind blows, there are three species we had our eye on that are popular during the chartered deep sea summer months.

profile of a tuna

Bluefin or Yellowfin, both are big, exciting and will make you work for the catch

profile of a Mahi-Mahi

Bright, colorful fighters who travel in groups

profile of a Marlin

White or Blue, these monster billfish are what draw anglers in from far and wide

"That shark noticed you were having trouble with it and wanted to help you out."

Gear Up

If you're gunna' hit the water there's definitely some gear you'll want to have with you, these rewards items are a great start.

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Filet Knife Set
Large Cooler

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